Lexsure Report On Title Generator

In response to requests from conveyancing firms in England and Wales, Lexsure now offers an automated Report on Title Generator, saving property lawyers significant amounts of time on the most time-consuming document in the conveyancing process.

Here is why firms have asked for an Report on Title capability:

  1. 85% of the information required in a check-list could trigger predictive text and relevant paragraphs in a Report on Title (e.g. New Build, joint ownership capacity, LAS information, Title information, Leasehold information such as assignment provisions, etc). Reports on Title can take up to an hour to complete if done manually even if the firm has good templates.
  2. Firms find that they do not update their templates as frequently as needed when it comes to new areas of risk or emerging areas of concern, such as Green Deal advice, Solar Panels and more. Even if a lawyer builds a bespoke paragraph, it is not necessarily saved centrally or shared with other lawyers within the firm.
  3. For many firms the current process of drafting a Report on Title is inefficient as it involves a duplication of work — papers are received to raise enquiries with the vendor’s lawyers and then again to prepare the Report on Title.
  4. Due to the time it takes to prepare a manual Report on Title, lawyers often struggle to find the time to prepare this key document, which can result in a delay of the transaction.

Benefits of an automated and comprehensive Report on Title generator:

  • Lexsure’s Report on Title generator brings increased protection, consistency and efficiency to building the most important document in a purchase transaction.
  • It takes only takes a few minutes to generate a Report on Title. That’s a saving of at least 40 minutes per case.
  • Lexsure will build your Report on Title optional paragraphs at no extra charge on based on your prefered template.
  • Lexsure’s Report on Title can suggest relevant additional paragraphs for your Report on Title.

    To find out about the cost for Lexsure’s Report on Title generator please contact us